Learning Your Backgammon Terms

In playing the game of Backgammon, one has to learn some terms so as to be able to play with ease and skill. There are some Backgammon terms that really has to be understood in order to develop winning strategies. Here are some of the backgammon terms:

1. Anchor - it's a kind of chip, usually more than one, that is placed at the opponent's inner part of the board.

2. Joker - a kind of roll that alters the result of the game to the person's favor. In can either be lucky or great roll.

3. Pip Count - This Backgammon term refers to the number of points a player must have so as not to bear off. At the start of the game, players has 167 pip count with the following values ; Point 24-2 chips =48 pips; Point 13-5 chips = 65 pips; Point 8 - 3 chips = 24 pips; Point 6 - 5 chips = 30 pips; and it equals to 167 pip count for every player.

4. Point - In Backgammon, this term refers to the twenty- four points in the backgammon. These are the triangles, which are the spaces. These spaces can be used for scoring how much the value of the game is. Clear example is a single game is given 1 point, " gammon" is given 2 points, and backgammon has 3 points.

5. Single game - a backgammon term meaning a toe to toe game with an opponent, with each other trying to bear off each other's chips.

6. Gammon - a backgammon term used when a player has started to bear off all the opponent's chips, but the opponent has not started to bear off yet

7. Backgammon - a term used to declare a win in the game. One is declared a winner or a backgammon if he is able to bear off all the opponents chips, and the opponent can't answer , as well as he incurs a blot on the bar.

8. Bear Off - This is another backgammon term used when a player is on the act of ridding the opponent of its chips.

9. Blot - a term in backgammon where a chip is vulnerable to hits

10. Hit - this is the act of attacking the blots of your opponent and it is being placed at the center of the board.

11. Hit and Cover - a strategy in backgammon wherein a player attacks the blots of his opponent and simultaneously moving the identical chips so as to defend the blot that is being left exposed.

These are some of the terms that may be useful in your playing the game of backgammon.