Different Types of Backgammon Set

If you are looking for a good backgammon set, make sure that you have an idea of what you are really looking for. You have to realize that all backgammon game set are not the same. There are no two backgammon game sets that are exactly the same, not unless they're made purposely that way, like the ones made by the same board game manufacturer. There are some backgammon sets that are very classy and fancy, while some others are quite plain and simple. Some of theme are cheap and some are quite expensive. Well, all of it depends on what you are really looking for.

There great thing a backgammon game set is the board can transform into a case that can be carried and stored easily after you are done playing the game. The main board can vary from different materials such as vinyl, plastic, magnetic, wood, aluminum and even leather. There are some backgammon sets that include certain supportive furniture like an end table or an ottoman. Some sets do have small magnetic pieces that are very appropriate for traveling players. Practically, there will always be one set that will suit every player's preference when it comes to choosing a backgammon set.

Backgammon sets do vary in shapes, materials and sizes, that is why you should expect that you will pay about a thousand dollar for a complete set. The price you pay will depend on the total package, whether it is just plain or fancy. With the main backgammon set itself. You'll find several pieces. There pieces can also be made out of different materials like plastic or wood. If you have a good budget, you can buy a backgammon set made of a fine material if you want your set to last long. And if you are this type who's really hooked with playing backgammon, then you can invest for a really expensive board game.

Every backgammon set have 30 backgammon chips, 15 of it is white and the other 15 is black. Colors may vary according to the preference of the manufacturer and they can come with different colors like red and green, or blue and yellow. The backgammon chips can be made out of plastic, heavy metal and wood. Also backgammon sets do come in handy with two shakers intended for two players. These shakers can be the same color or they may differ accordingly. And lastly, a backgammon set will never be complete without the two dices.