Joe Dwek Shares His Knowledge in Backgammon

Backgammon is said to be a casino game that is very easy to learn, easy to play, but is not very easy to play well. And although professional backgammon player Joe Dwek knows that this is a fact, he still attempts to help backgammon players how to become better players in his book "Backgammon for Profit." As a matter of fact, Joe Dwek considers writing "Backgammon for Profit" a challenging task as he attempts to broaden and sharpen the skills of backgammon players. Because of such challenging tasks, Joe Dwek makes sure that he includes all topics related to backgammon starting from early games to end games.

In "Backgammon for Profit," Joe Dwek ensures that thematic points are well illustrated through the problems and answers that he has provided in the book. He uses words and provides diagrams that are all easy to comprehend. Furthermore, Joe Dwek mentions certain situations as he teaches readers how to manage them. Joe Dwek also teaches in "Backgammon for Profit" the right timing for making a double and the right timing for accepting a double. He also discusses all the excitements and intricacies that form part of playing backgammon. After reading "Backgammon for Profit," we are sure that readers will learn a lot from it.

Most book reviewers believe that "Backgammon for Profit" is a must-read backgammon book. This is due to the fact that Joe Dwek has an ample knowledge of the topics of profit and backgammon.

"Backgammon for Profit" starts with a foreword written by backgammon enthusiast Jim Slater. After the introductory section, the next chapters are titled "The Early Game," "The Middle Game," "The End Contact Game," "Back Games," "To Hit or Not to Hit," "Duplicated Values," "Prime v Prime," "The Blitz," and "The Running Game." The last section of "Backgammon for Profit" features tables that are pertinent to all people who are studying the game of backgammon.

Backgammon fans or enthusiasts know that Joe Dwek first started as an employee of Wall Street. During those times, Joe Dwek has always been passionate about the game of backgammon. A graduate of Manchester Universit and Harvard Business School, Joe Dwek has a vast experience as a professional backgammon player, having played not only in the United States, but also in such countries as Europe and Great Britain. Every time he participates in backgammon tournaments, a number of backgammon fans are always present because they want to see the stellar way he plays the game. Joe Dwek can always make a backgammon event interesting by putting tension and excitement to it.

Joe Dwek was born in 1938 in Cairo, Egypt. He is now married and they have two children, namely, Jonathan and Alexandra. He and his family currently live in London, England.