Backgammon Luxury Pieces to Own or Covet

Backgammon lovers will probably play on just about any backgammon set. There are serious collectors of backgammon luxury pieces, though, who go out of their way to search for and acquire special sets that stand out from the rest. For such collectors, there is a mind-boggling array of backgammon luxury pieces available for sale or merely to dream of and covet.

Probably the most expensive of all backgammon luxury pieces is the set created by Bernard Maquin for the Charles Hollander Collection. That set was encrusted with 61,082 pieces of white, black and yellow diamonds that totalled 2,071.48 carats surrounded by 6.77 kilograms of yellow gold and approximately 150 grams of silver. Some sources estimate this backgammon set's value at a million dollars. I doubt if anyone has played a real game on it though.

Instead of diamonds and gold, the $27,300.00 backgammon set offered by Renault uses carbon fiber, sterling silver, leather and Permaglass F1 with bits of Renault Formula One racecars. Backgammon players who also love fast cars will definitely drool over this set.

Still luxurious at $4,000.00 is Elie Bleu's backgammon set handmade in France, featuring a case of lacquered red sycamore with hinges that are plated in 18 karat gold.

Dunhill has a ₤3,000.00 backgammon board in a black leather attache case. The expensive luxury brand Louis Vuitton has also been reported to have manufactured backgammon luxury pieces in its games collection.

Most backgammon luxury pieces are made of various types of wood that have been polished or lacquered to a high shine by hand. Many luxury sets also come wrapped in genuine leather or other animal skins, including crocodile skin. One set in black crocodile skin made by William & Son reportedly cost ₤10,000.00.

Backgammon luxury pieces include chips that come in precious metals such as gold or silver, in stone, in mother of pearl and also in various types of wood.

Some backgammon luxury pieces are not actual game pieces to be used in play. These backgammon-inspired accessories include jewelry in gold or silver such as backgammon board pendants and doubling cube rings, earrings, pendants, charms, stick pins and tie pins. There are also doubling cube-embellished gold or silver keychains and money clips, as well as gold-inlaid or silver-inlaid pipes and walking sticks. Cartier has black and white backgammon cufflinks, a lighter, a keychain and a desk clock.

Any of these backgammon luxury pieces will surely make each collector feel like a winner even before playing the game.