Clean Your Backgammon Set the Right Way

Game sets have to be taken care of and maintained from time to time. They have to be washed, cleaned, rinsed, and polished. The Backgammon set is not exempted from the list of board games that have to be regularly maintained. We give you the extensive cleaning guide for your Backgammon set no matter which material it is made of.

If you own a wooden Backgammon set, there are many factors that you have to watch out for in the maintenance. First of all, you should never store a wooden Backgammon set in damp placed like your basement or particular areas where humidity is high. This will eventually cause molds to grow onto your Backgammon set, and you can never fully remove them.

When cleaning your wooden Backgammon board, you should never use water or soap because this again might cause molds to form later on. You can wash the Backgammon set in a dishwasher which also automatically dries the Backgammon board, but this is the only exemption possible. Use wood polish for keeping the wood clean and shiny in the future and you can also you wax if desired on the surface of the Backgammon board to prevent further staining through liquids.

The leather Backgammon sets are a little tougher to clean and maintain. If you want to clean the leather of the Backgammon set exterior, simply use a piece of damp cloth with leather polisher to clean the leather material. You may even use your shoe polish for cleaning the Backgammon set leather.

Before thoroughly cleaning the felt, you should first vacuum it with a mini-vacuum cleaner and then you may dampen it and clean it with mild detergent. Rinse the Backgammon felt or velour carefully and sparingly with water and blow dry the clean felt or velour of your Backgammon set. You may comb it through to further clean the velour or felt of your Backgammon set.

The individual pieces of your Backgammon set such as the checkers and the dice can easily be cleaned with some polish or simply some soap water if they have been lying around in mud lately. To make sure that no piece will be missing while cleaning, you should clean them all in a basin or shallow bucket where they are all visible to your eye.

Now you should be able to clean and maintain your favorite Backgammon set whenever it need to be cleaned. You can now enjoy your Backgammon set much more and it will add lifespan to your Backgammon set as well.