Learn Basic Moves in Backgammon By Reading Excellent Backgammon Books

Backgammon books are useful materials that cover and discuss every aspect of the challenging and strategic game. Reading these books helps players as well as gamblers gain more knowledge and skills that they can apply in actual games and also in backgammon competitions. Most of the authors of backgammon books are professional backgammon players so readers will not have doubts regarding the validity of the content of these reading materials.

Many backgammon books contain information that are relevant to new players to win in actual games like backgammon rules and backgammon tactics. By analyzing the content of these books, even new backgammon players can confidently play against advance players. Above all, these books help players raise their odds in backgammon contests.

R. C. Bell's "Discovering Backgammon"

Bell successfully details backgammon's history in this book. To lure players to the game, Bell discusses the attractive variations of backgammon. There is also a chapter in the book where the author elaborates different effective backgammon techniques.

Chris Bray's "Backgammon: An Independent View"

A successful backgammon player, Chris Bray, whole-heartedly shares his knowledge on backgammon through this book. Aside from the fascinating backgammon variants, players can learn the efficient and advantageous way of applying the doubling cube in real games. Above all, Bray provides helpful information on basic and advance backgammon tactics.

Robin Clay's "Backgammon"

This book creates controversies among backgammon players. Some players criticize the content of the book. However, many players agree that the book is useful because it has a section where the author tests the knowledge of gamblers on the game by presenting a short quiz about backgammon. Above all, the book focuses on how to calculate prime timing against prime position.

Robin Clay's "Backgammon in a Week"

Once again, the author shows his expertise in backgammon by writing and publishing this reading material. Beginners will find the book helpful and interesting since it discusses all the basic information that new players should know about the game. The book also helps players have contact with backgammon associations in Great Britain by presenting contact information about the organizations.

New backgammon players need to explore the relevant aspects of the game before they engage in tournaments and actual games. With the help from these books, beginners will be more prepared and confident when they play with professional gamblers and advance backgammon players. Above all, the books will definitely teach them sophisticated backgammon strategies that will help them have strong positions in money games and competitions.